As of March 2015, we have one waiting list. Potential tenants are put on the wait list in the order their application is received.

You must also meet the income guidelines set by HUD to be eligible to live here. This year the income guidelines are $30,700 for a single person and $35,100 for two people.

Rent is based on annual income (gross). Income received from social security, SSI, pensions, work, and other sources of income are counted. Interest earned on assets, such as savings accounts, CD’s, life insurance, and real estate is also counted as income.

Medical credits are given (only to the elderly and disabled) before determining the monthly rent. A medical credit can be supplemental insurance, prescription expenses, eyeglasses or hearing aids, and other out of pocket medical expenses.

Once credits are given the rent is based on 30% of the gross adjusted monthly income. We have a minimum rent of $50.00 and a flat rent of $450.00.

You may download the application forms from the link below. To read the forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat reader.

Complete Application Packet